Self-management, case and conflict consulting, supervision for executives, managers, managing directors and board members.

In individual consultations and team coaching sessions, we work with you to find solutions to personal and professional problems. In order to gain clarity about your own values and goals, to balance work and private life, to define new life goals and to regain motivation.

You can work on your personal topics in one-on-one conversations, if desired with changing coaches, so that the problems can be illuminated from various perspectives. In a confidential atmosphere, you can freely and informally reflect on difficult and stressful situations, feelings and thoughts. The coaches are, of course, committed to absolute silence.

Coaching Goals

  • Precise career planning
  • Recognizing and using potential
  • Overcoming inner blockades / borders
  • Strengthening self-confidence and a positive basic attitude
  • Improve the ability to work in a team
  • Developing a personal leadership style
  • Adequate control of conflict behaviour
  • Getting to know the effects of one's own person (self-image / external image)

Coaching Tools

  • individual sessions
  • Team Coaching
  • Techniques of Humanistic Psychology (Erickson, Peris, Mindell)
  • Bodywork (e.g. relaxation techniques, meditation)
  • Inclusion of modern management methods (team building, project management, change management, leadership responsibility and styles)

Partnership and voice - vision and daring

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