From module 1 of the team coaching I could personally take a lot with me and put it into practice. It is not always easy to focus on this in everyday life, but the methods and aids learned are so practical that they are easy to apply and help directly. In addition, I have to say that the team has moved a giant piece together after the module. You understand your counterpart much better and you can interpret many things differently. At the end of the day we came out of coaching as a real TEAM and remember the days with you with pleasure back.
From module 2 of the team coaching, we started our daily work full of motivation and positive thoughts. The charisma of the participants immediately affected the whole environment. Since then there has been a much more open, personal and goal-oriented communication than before. Everyday conflicts are mastered with the learned methods, so that many things belong fast to the past, about which before long one discussed. There is again communication in conflict and no conflict in communication.


5 years later the coaching still works or even stronger than ever.
With the knowledge of wanting to shape my next challenge of professional and private nature myself and with the knowledge that some own behavior patterns would be obstructive, I booked the individual coaching after a pleasant telephone call with Martina and Anam Smith. The methods variety and situational perfect selection enabled me to make my own behavior patterns visible, perceptible and usable. In addition, Martina and Anam were able to open my eyes and heart to the potentials of trying out new behavior while leaving the personal comfort zone. These potentials unfold in a self, in dealing with fellow human beings both in a private and a professional context.
A synonym with agriculture describes the focus of coaching from my point of view perfectly: While in usual coaching sessions and seminars tools such as shovels, rakes, ploughs, harrows or gies are used, the focus is on the... If you get to know and use the earth, Martina and Anam will teach you how to deal with the earth selsbt, that is, with yourself. The soil is prepared when the plants can thrive.
Thank you for the instructive, strenuous, cordial and from today's point of view sustainable time.

Peter Stelzer / CEO ivii gmbh

My personal coaching with you was and is an important support to successfully master even the most difficult challenges. My career steps within the last three years from division manager to technical managing director are testimony to your success.

DI Oskar Dorau / Atronic

Without your company PiP and your personal contribution the past challenges would not have been mastered. The comprehensive PiP coaching and methods have thus become an elementary and growing part of our personnel development, conflict resolution and our resilient corporate culture.

Rolf Klug / Gauselman AG

It is not least thanks to the special combination of a methodical approach, the use of meditation and bodywork as well as intensive personal discussions that the work of People in Process has become an important success factor for our company and a motivating factor for our employees. Highly motivated and strengthened, both as a person and as an entrepreneur, I recommend Martina and Anam Smith as well as the whole team.

Tom Koperek / LK Aktiengesellschaft

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