Look in the mirror and catch your breath

Individual Coaching

You work with a coach in private on your very personal topics. The coaches take turns if necessary, so that you can also look at the problems from a male or female perspective. In a confidential atmosphere, you can freely and informally reflect on difficult and stressful situations, feelings and thoughts. The focus is entirely on you, your topics and a creative, solution-oriented approach to them. The coaches are obliged to maintain absolute secrecy and will not pass on any information to third parties.

Facing Fear

We are living in anxious times. Whether our fears are being fed by the threat of illness, politics, economics or just our own inner thoughts, we can help. People in Process can offer you tools to help you strengthen your resources and calm yourself.

We have a wealth of experience using techniques as diverse as Wing Wave, meditation, counselling, cognitive behavioural therapy and individual coaching.

Skype or telephone sessions available. Give us a call.

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