Team Coaching

Our training programs offer you the chance to make the production and success factor "human being" in your company strong and competitive. The aim of team coaching is to develop strategies and solutions for the topics you have identified. We also accompany you between training sessions by email or telephone.

In addition to the following training programs developed by us, which we have already successfully conducted many times, we are also happy to develop individual coaching programs tailored to your needs.

Module 01


5-day module, max. 5 participants, 2 individual sessions per day, 2-3 team coaching sessions per day


  • Analysis of the professional and private situation
  • Work on mindset and comfort zone
  • Development of new perspectives
  • body workout
  • Meditation, mindfulness training


  • Individual work participant / coach
  • theory inputs
  • group work
  • Bodywork (relaxation techniques, meditation)
  • Videos about the topic
  • Working materials

Module 02

Communication & Confict Management

3-day module, max 15 participants, team coaching
based on module 1


  • Constructive handling of conflict situations
  • Learning solution-oriented conversation techniques
  • Analysis of one's own conflict style and personal conflict management strategy
  • Types of conflict, conflict analyses and differentiated procedures
  • Techniques: Verbal communication training, questioning techniques, leading conversations


  • theory inputs
  • group work
  • Individual feedback
  • partner exercises
  • footage
  • video
  • Detailed working materials

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